Building on the heritage of the Mobiado Luminoso series, the Classic 712ZAF was my second phone with a curved shaped ends. It was the first phone to use Mokume Gane, and the first to use Verre Èglomisé.
MG Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane ( 木目金 ) translates from Japanese as “wood grain metal”. This process of bonding mixed-metal was invented by Denbei Shoami (1651-1728) in 17th-century Feudal Japan and was used for sword fittings when the decline of the katana industry forced artisans to create purely decorative items. The 712MG was first phone to be created from Mokume Gane. 
712MG Angular Momentum Edition

Angular Momentum of Switzerland is a small, independent watch manufacturer based in Bern, Switzerland, and was founded in 1998. Reverse painting-on-glass is a uniquely difficult and skillful art. Èglomisé as is known in French, is done backwards on the inside of the sapphire crystal, it is a unique, rare, and difficult art. What makes this particular technique so difficult is the sequence of paint application necessary to achieve it successfully. The resulting painting is actually seen in reverse from the front, so the paint must be applied opposite to the intended effect, requiring a great deal of imagination, patience, and skill – most especially when the painting involves an entire palette of colors, as Angular Momentum's does. The 712MG Angular Momentum Edition was the first phone to incorporate Verre Èglomisé as well as the first phone to be sold with a matching wristwatch. 
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